I personally love the lifestyle. I am a full time mother of three and commercial print has provided me with an exciting part time job for many years. I am never bored and have the privilege of meeting and working with a diverse group of people, some have become life-long friends and some have been very important business contacts, in addition to becoming friends.

I can book out (meaning , tell my agents I am off the calendar for a specific period of time) when my kids are off school or have commitments, etc.

In the beginning I went on a lot of castings and spent many days, months, okay, years, going from casting to casting – changing clothes in my car or in the bathroom of the casting office, etc.  And yes, I experienced a lot of rejections. However, all of that was very important in building my portfolio with tear sheets, actual paid jobs.

After a few years, one of my agencies outside of Los Angeles started booking me directly without having to go to castings because my portfolio was finally strong enough. Wow! That was awesome. I then approached my other agencies asking to be direct booked. The past several years most of my bookings have been direct.

Keeping up with looking like my pictures is essential. We all age and having pictures that look like you is very important. My weight does fluctuate like everyone else but I try to keep it within a reasonable range – I am also the spokesperson for a weight-loss company called Food Lovers so I have learned a lot about being healthy doing it the right way. I have to keep up a healthy fitness routine to look and feel good and also make the right eating choices to keep my skin looking good. I drink a lot of water (8-10 glasses a day.) I use products that work well with my “aging” skin and I have a very strict routine in prepping for a booking.  Keep a look out for the beauty secrets page coming soon!