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The Model Consultant Ireland

Hi! My name is Annette Dominguez-O’Hair.  After consulting privately for many years in Los Angeles, I opened my services to the public as The Model Consultant in 2015. I provide honest advice and help to guide the careers of models, actors and entertainment professionals nationwide and internationally. In July, 2017, I connected and partnered with Sharon Hennessy to offer my services in Dublin, Ireland. My grandmother was born and raised in Ireland and her homeland always remained in her heart. My family and I have also fallen in love with Ireland and as an Irish citizen I hope to spend more time here. Click here to read the article on the Ireland Launch!

I have over 25 years experience on the talent, creative and business side of the entertainment and fashion industries. I have over 14 years experience working as a commercial print model, commercial actress and on-camera host, in addition to having worked on the business side of the beauty biz for a dozen years as a nationally recognized top producing sales & marketing manager. I am also the U.S.A. West Coast Director for Naturally Fit Agency helping to groom and train pro athletes and elite fitness talent for the commercial world. I am dedicated to helping my clients to succeed in exploring their talents and reaching their dreams….

with partner Sharon Hennessy

My consulting services will help you:

  • Book the modeling job *  Get noticed  • Set yourself apart from the competition * Find the look that works best for you • Build your portfolio • Build an understanding of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles •  Find the right agent * Develop your long term career strategy & much more..

Thanks for visiting! I hope to hear from you soon.   ins

Annette truly understands the nature of the business and really cares about her clients

  “I have been in this industry for 20 years… She is honest and trustworthy and her clients are lucky to have her”

Annette is amazing to work with!

“She has been an incredible resource for solid, honest advice on how to grow and improve our agency”

I am so happy I was able to have Annette guide me with her services.

Whether you are someone looking to get started in the modeling industry, or expand your established career, I highly recommend Annette!”

Annette is the best mentor I ever had!

 She is committed & fantastic at guiding talent.  She completely changed my professional life and got my career back on track at age 42

Annette was the person we needed to know in the modeling world.

  Within days my daughter had appointments with agencies and had a contract within a week!

Within a few meetings I was signed by 3 agencies!

  “Annette was super easy to work with & access, even from another region of the country 

I was blown away all the info she gave us during the consultation!

   We followed her advice & in less then 2 weeks my daughter had appointments with 5 top agencies

Annette has this uplifting energy that makes you want to fly, achieve & move up in your life.

 “She gave me encouragement, motivation and the guidance I needed to succeed”

Annette is someone you can trust and who can get it done.

  Annette asked if I wanted back in the game. One call later I was set up to meet with a top agent!

Annette is a leader and knows this business inside and out.

Our agency loves Annette and her family and know she’s the best at directing new talent where they need to go and how to do it…

We are thankful for the loyalty and wealth of knowledge Annette’s business brings to our agency and to this industry.

“Annette’s guidance along with her integrity, knowledge and experience can make the difference in someone’s career….”

Clients have constantly raved about their experience with her kindness and beauty.

“She exemplifies what it means to be an actress and model in our industry…”

With her warm presence and easy confidence, she is willing to share her years of experience!

 I have known Annette for over 10 years & can attest to her poise & professionalism hosting on the red carpet. Celebrities are always at ease with her &…

Annette is one of the most sincere people I have ever met!

 “Annette is now willing to share her knowledge with others so they can re-launch their own new careers”


Model Consultant Ireland
  • Annette DominguezTen minute whatsapp phone conversation free, with no obligation. This is our opportunity to break the ice and you can ask a few questions.
  • **NEW SERVICE** IRELAND Introductory Private Consultation – up to75 minutes (please contact for special pricing) Bring photos (snap shots are fine) and a long list of questions – If you don’t have many, don’t worry, I have a lot of info to share. I will do a personal assessment. We will discuss your career objectives, I share personal experiences and knowledge and lastly, I consult you on your career strategy.
  • Step 2 – Talent Prep (Marketing tools and more)  Up to 4 hours. If you have potential in the industry, you can schedule model prep meetings/time. I will help you prepare your pictures/snap shots, portfolio (if you have one), resume (if needed), grooming (hair/make-up/wardrobe choices), share resources, research and more.  If you are new to the industry, I will go over what is expected in regards to castings, agent meetings, photo shoots, bookings, etc. The objective is to get you ready to interview with agents and book jobs! If needed, you can also book more time at this rate or at $95 per hour, whichever you prefer.
  • The RunAction-18way Private Class by Former Supermodel Vanessa Nunes- This involves personalized instruction on finding your best runway walk from former Brazilian supermodel Vanessa Nunes. Vanessa and I also both work with you on posing and finding your best angles. I am so thankful for the TMC runway class by Vanessa! Learning how to perfect my signature walk from a supermodel was so much fun and a dream come true! Shortly after the class, I booked my first runway gig and walked with confidence! Vanessa and Annette also helped me with being more comfortable in front of the camera.Thank you The Model Consultant!” Kristen Comisar (teen model)
  • The Dublin and Belfast Boot Camps! Stay tuned for info coming soon….



Please have your list ready before we start our consultation.


What is commercial print?


What is the proper model etiquette at castings and on the set?


Can I get into TV commercials from a commercial print modeling career?


How do I get my kids into modeling and what is expected of me as the parent?


How do I get a modeling agent?


How do I determine what modeling agencies to sign with?


As a working model can I benefit from your services?


Has commercial print modeling changed in recent years?


How do I put together a comp/zed card and portfolio?


Is it a difficult to keep up with the commercial print model lifestyle and look?


Can I start a commercial print modeling career in my 30's or 40's?


What is stock photography and should I do it?


How do the internet services work for models?


What is the best way to go about getting copies of my work after the shoot?


Model Consultant Ireland

The Model Consultant’s Closet Fashion Show

The Model Consultant's Closet fashion show, featuring ten TMC star models, sold out with standing room only! It showcased 52 looks from the most sought out designers with special guest speaker Alex Cassini for the Oleg Cassini tribute! For more info go to...

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Agency Announcement

~~ Agency Announcement ~~ In October 2016 - After doing business together for over a year - Annette teamed up with Naturally Fit Agency, Texas, to open their California office which officially launched in January 2017 and quickly attracted the top fitness...

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How do I get copies of my work?

It certainly would be great if we could get copies (tear sheets) of all of our work to add. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. My portfolio, or any model's portfolio for that matter, only reflects about 25% of their actual work. When I started, I would...

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How do I determine what modeling agencies to sign with?

There are so many agencies that you can get overwhelmed very fast. They all have their own culture and specific focus. It is very important to know what kind of agency you are best suited for based on your lifestyle and your career objective. If you sign with an...

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As a working model can I benefit from your services?

Yes! I have many working models that I have helped guide over the years. Some models can find themselves signed with agencies that are not a good fit or all of a sudden, not signed with anyone. Perhaps they are working but not booking enough or maybe their pictures...

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Model Consultant Ireland

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