Testimonials for Annette Dominguez-O’Hair

“I have been in the Entertainment Industry for over 20 years and have worked with some of the best Producers, Directors and Agencies in the business and Annette is right up there with them. She truly understands the nature of the business and really cares about her clients. There are so many wrong turns that you can take when pursuing a career as a model or actress and Annette always has her client’s back. She is honest and trustworthy and her clients are lucky to have her.”
Amy Weber

Actress, Model, TV Host, Singer, Producer, Amy Weber Prods.

“As one of the world’s largest producers of long-form direct-response television, we have relied on Annette often and regularly over the course of almost a decade.  She is the consummate professional, always going above and beyond and being one of the most reliable contributors to any project.  If you need someone to exceed expectations, Annette should be your first call.”

Brady Caverly

CEO & Creative Director , Provida Life Science/Alchemy Worldwide

Annette is the best mentor I ever had! She is committed and fantastic at guiding talent! I met her during my 5 year “career break” while raising my beautiful son. She had me at hello! She completely changed my professional life and got my career back on track at 42 years old. She went beyond my expectations, educating me with the latest tips about make-up, wardrobe, best photographers and agents. It is not often that models are graced with such maturity and interpersonal skills like Annette. She is very enthusiastic in her approach and very dedicated and passionate with guiding new faces or older faces like me with strong support and encouragement. I truly feel blessed to have her in my life journey as a comeback model!
Vanessa Nunes (Actress, Host, Model and Consultant)

Brazilian Supermodel

“Working with Annette went beyond expectations.  She has an amazing Rolodex of talent and resources. For my particular project she was not only the host but also cast all the other talent, scouted and managed the location, etc.  Her thoroughness, warmth, and expertise helped our company break into new metrics we didn’t even know were going to be possible in such a short period of time. I without a doubt plan to utilize Annette in our next products due to the outcome in our first go around. Not to mention I just really like the gal.”
Beau Hale

CoFounder, INFLUX Brands and Miracle Essential Oils

I have known Annette for over 10 years and can attest to her poise and professionalism hosting on the red carpet. Celebrities are always at ease with her and willing to chat. With her warm presence and easy confidence, she is willing to share her years of experience! I also loved how she coached me on various hosting bookings.

Lisa Wilcox (Actress, Influencer, TV Host, Model)


It’s rare to find someone in the industry with the level of professionalism that Annette possesses. It’s even more rare to find someone who is genuine, kind and cares about people. Annette is that rare individual. You can tell she receives more joy from seeing others succeed than any of her personal achievements. Everyone who works with her is better off for it.
Cameron Bender

Actor (American Housewife, Gilmore Girls, Mistresses, General Hospital, etc..

In 1998 I was nominated for VH1 Model Of The Year. I’ve done worldwide campaigns for Gucci, Versace, Armani, Ralph Lauren and many more. In 2002 my acting career brought me to L.A. and my modeling career slipped into a fond memory…until 2015 when Annette asked me if I wanted to get back in the game. A short time later she connected me to a new agency. She also set me up with a photographer to update my book. Annette is someone you can trust and who can get it done.
Ryan Locke

Actor and Top Model

Annette has this uplifting energy that makes you want to fly, achieve and move up in your life. When we first met I shared with her my desire to model. She gave me encouragement, motivation and the guidance I needed to succeed. She also referred me to several agencies and I started booking national commercials and print campaigns. Annette is not only my friend, she is also my role model as she is for many others.
Angelina Zdorovytska

Ukrainian Tennis Star and Sports Model

We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. We are thankful for the loyalty and wealth of knowledge Annette’s business brings to our agency and to this industry. As the Entertainment Industry can be overwhelming and intimidating, Annette’s guidance along with her integrity, knowledge and experience can make the difference in someone’s career.
Patty Brand

Owner Brand Model and Talent

“Annette is the consummate professional. I am particularly impressed with her creative input and positive and pro-active attitude. She has the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that is practical as well. She knows how to make things work! I absolutely trust her judgment and integrity in any business venture, and her dedication is unsurpassed. She doesn’t stop until she has achieved what she sets out to do. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”
Michelle Popeet-Lisanti

Emmy Award Winning TV/Film Writer/Producer

Annette is a consummate professional. She exemplifies what it means to be an actress and model in our industry. Clients have constantly raved about their experience with her kindness and beauty. She always recommends to our agency a high caliber of professional talent, because she understands this business and knows what will work. Annette is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many more years of working as a team
Linda Robirds

Agency Owner, It Model Management

Annette is a leader and knows this business inside and out. I’ve known Annette for over 10 years and she has been one of our top clients booking print, commercials and infomercials through the years. She has been the utmost professional at all times. She landed a very coveted position as the spokesperson for a top infomercial that is still running for over 4 years now. Our agency loves Annette and her family and know she’s the best at directing new talent where they need to go and how to do it.
Lynn Eriks

Agent (Commercials/Print Department Director), Howard Talent West

“I’m a model in Ireland and needed advice on the next step to take with my career. The consultation does exactly as it says and a whole lot more. She was incredibly honest and you can tell straight away that she is an industry expert. She answered every question from algorithms to what photo shoot to do next. What’s more, she showed me other avenues I hadn’t even considered. All of this was delivered in the most warm and uplifting manner that makes you motivated to succeed. A very small investment for a highly valuable experience.”
Lena Seale

Dublin Model

“I was blown away with all the info during our consultation! She explained all the different facets of the industry and gave us advice on our next steps. We followed each piece of advice and within a couple weeks my daughter had appointments with 5 of the top agencies.. Annette helped us every step of the way with choosing the right photos to submit, identifying the best agencies, coaching my daughter on what to say and do during the interviews and last but not least how to walk a runway (with top Brazilian Super Model Vanessa Nunes!)! Within a short time we had signed with one of the biggest agencies in Southern California. Annette then linked us up with an amazing photographer Andy to shoot the portfolio. Annette worked closely with us and Andy prior to the shoot to make sure we had the most diverse portfolio possible. She even lined up extra models to participate in the shoot – which rarely happens for a first time model. We are beyond thrilled with our experience with Annette, Andy and Vanessa. It’s like having a model management company at your fingertips from the beginning. And she is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. As many people know there are a lot of scams within the industry. Annette and her consulting company helps clients avoid those scams and gives extremely honest advice. I would highly recommend anyone to “The Model Consultant”.
Kimberly Roussel

Mother of tween model

“We feel so lucky to have connected with Annette.  We couldn’t have done it without her – literally!  We tried tromping around to open calls; the established models with books couldn’t get by the receptionists & neither could we.  In a world of “its not what you know, its who you know” Annette was the person we needed to know in the modeling world.  Within days Karina had appointments with agencies & had a contract within a week.  But that was just the beginning – She is helping us navigate castings & photo shoots and is always there to answer questions.  She’s what I picture when I hear the words “mother agent”.  She has a heart of gold. We love her & are so grateful to have an advisor so honest and loyal.”
Kat Myszkowski

Mother of teen model Karina

“Annette has been amazing to work with. She’s been consulting for our agency for almost a year now. Annette and I met through her efforts seeking placement for a few of her current model clients nationwide and our relationship grew from there. As an agency director, Annette has been an incredible resource for me for solid, honest advice on how to grow and improve our agency. She has also been the key player in our expansion into California. Her advice and consulting has been and will continue to play a vital role in our daily operations and our growth.”
Emily Talley

National Agency Director, Naturally Fit Agency

I met Annette in 2004 while doing philanthropy work. I witnessed how deeply dedicated she is to helping others. Annette saw my potential and she pushed, nudged and inspired me. She is a wholly  unique creature. She helped me understand how to market myself for commercial print and many other nuanced facets of how to make dollars from being me. Annette referred me to five different agents in and out of LA. I signed with four of them To have Annette’s vivacious spirit, integrity and experience in your corner is a wonderful investment in yourself.

Heather Cassini

Retired Commercial print model/actress

Annette was super easy to work with and access, even from another region of the country.  I had no issues arranging phone calls and meetings thru Skype to start the process.  Having never been in the business and not knowing where to start, she was able to prepare me very quickly.  From formatting my resume, to picture styles, to portfolio development, to introductions to agents, her knowledge helped me to be prepared for the business.  Within a few meetings I was signed by 3 agencies around the region!
William Scruggs

Model (Midwest)

“My experience with Annette was nothing short of spectacular! She is extremely professional, experienced, and forthright! I was a little apprehensive and unsure of what my professional direction could or should be.  I felt more confident and motivated to pursue my potential success in the industry after consulting with Annette just one time!  She provided a general awareness of the industry’s “in’s and out’s”, and also gave her professional recommendation on areas for me to focus my efforts. Annette also scheduled a portfolio photo shoot for me the very next week!  She accompanied me on my shoot and continued to give her input and expertise.  Her attention to detail and being readily available to answer questions through the entire process was outstanding!”
Kyle Pike

Commercial Print and Fitness Model (San Diego)

Within a few weeks of meeting with The Model Consultant, I signed with 2 modeling agencies. In fact, within 1 week of signing with the first agency, I booked a job through them! Not only is she hard working and diligent in helping you get agency meetings (and the photos agents like to see), but she is also a very caring and kind person who genuinely cares about people and enjoys helping them achieve their goals.  I can’t recommend her enough!

Matthew Lange

Los Angeles Model and Actor

I was always hesitant about wanting or allowing my daughter to pursue a career in this field. However, I know Annette personally and my entire family thinks very highly of her. She has integrity, morals and is obviously successful in her career and knows what she is doing. She helps others through philanthropy work with love, compassion and kindness and I know my daughter is in good hands. Whatever the outcome, I know that Annette will always be honest and do what is right for my daughter.
Suzie Johnson

(mother of teen/young woman model Maddie)

“Working with Annette has been an amazing experience. She is truly an experienced professional and is exceptional to work with.  She is an intelligent and extremely honest and more so carries a genuinely kind heart. She takes her time with her clients, ensures efficient communication, prepares you well and is always looking out for her clients benefit. I had the pleasure of meeting her over a year ago for a consultation and she never forgot me. She brought me in to a wonderful agency who has been a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to what is to come thanks to Annette.”
Edith Miranda

Fitness and Lifestyle Model

Annette really cares! I’ve known her for many years and she cares as much about helping people who are struggling to get traction in this business as she cares about the high quality of her own work.
Sylvia Roldan Dohi

Veteran NYC Broadway Actress

Annette is one of the most sincere people I have ever met who consistently looks to help. Having had an impressive background, Annette is now willing to share her knowledge with others so they can re-launch their own new careers and make their lives more meaningful.
Anita Talbert

Critically Acclaimed and Legendary Entertainment Writer

Working with Annette has been a dream come true! First we had a ten minute discussion session over the phone, which was a excellent “get to know you” time. We discussed my goals and I learned about her past in the modeling industry. She, from the very start, has been very easy to talk to. The 60-minute consultation seemed to go by so quickly yet I got so much information and structure on where to make my next move. She even said she would help introduce me to the agents she found suitable. I was beyond thrilled when the NEXT DAY she emailed me saying that a commercial agent would like to speak with me!! Annette has been the best thing to happen to me in my modeling/commercial career and has become a friend along the way! Her advice is very honest and constructive and is backed by her many experiences in the industry. She is not a 5-star model consultant, she is a 10!
Jessica Hurato

Actress, Commercial Model

When I first met with Annette I instantly connected with her.  She saw potential in me and I really liked that she was straight to the point and didn’t make any promises. She is extremely knowledgeable and I feel I can completely trust her with guiding me in the right direction.  Annette shared from some of her past experiences and prepared me on what I could expect when I go out on casting calls and meeting with agents, etc. She connected me with an agent that is a great fit for me for commercials and  commercial print. The interview went super… I just signed with them this past Friday.  Thank you Annette!

Plus Size Model

Thank you Annette for handling me with your ‘angel-kid gloves’. You helped me see that I could do this while still expressing myself as an artist. Kudos to you Lady A.
Lola Gayle

Model and Internationally acclaimed artist and singer

Annette’s coaching, guidance and connections have made it possible for me to start a commercial modeling career at 45 years old with a top agency! I highly recommend her, if you are seriously considering a career in the modeling and entertainment business. She is truly the real deal! Twenty years ago I worked in Japan as an on-air TV/Radio Personality. When I moved to L. A., I could not find an agent, so I gave up. After meeting Annette I am able to realize my dream! She has helped me to build my portfolio, advised me on wardrobe, hair/make-up, introduced me to top agents and more!
Hana Oshima


Annette has helped me a lot in furthering my modeling career. She set up key interviews and directed me on the right path to get my career going! I am also thankful for the TMC runway class by Vanessa! Learning how to perfect my signature walk from a supermodel was a dream come true! Shortly after the class, I booked my first runway gig! Vanessa and Annette gave me the confidence I needed and also helped me with working more in front of the camera.Thank you The Model Consultant!”
Kristen Komisar

Teen Model

Annette and I met through a philanthropy group and I instantaneously knew I liked her. From her warm spirit, to her big smile and willingness to help others, I saw that she was a genuine and giving person. Here we are, 12 years later, and she continues to exhibit the same giving and helpful spirit. Time and time again, I have seen her refer friends to agents and jobs. She knows her craft well, is professional, classy….and is not afraid to help others, even if some might see them as “competition”. She is a rare gem and I am proud to call her friend and colleague.
Tatiana Turan

Actress/dancer/choreographer and Owner, Bling Divas Entertainment

Her warmth & sincerity are comforting & combined with her intelligence & humor, she’s a joy to work with.
Bonnie Howard

Owner, Howard Talent West